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Do you want to evolve rapidly in your career? Ambition is not enough. You also need talent, perseverance and… a wide network. Gentis can help you with the latter. We work with the biggest and most sought-after companies in Belgium and abroad. We select experienced, motivated and talented candidates for them. Do you take your career seriously? So do we.

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Gentis may be one of the leaders in the recruitment market, but it retains a personal approach. We follow you, step by step, on the path to your new dream job and we help you to surpass yourself.

STEP 1: in-depth analysis

It all starts with you. Firstly, we want to get to know you well. One of our experienced recruiters will listen to your needs and your desires before proceeding to a full analysis of:

  • Who you are
  • What are you looking for
  • How can we help you

STEP 2: research

Once our team knows exactly what you are looking for, we get to work. We proactively sound out our vast portfolio of clients until we find the ideal available position in the ideal company. Then we send your CV, with your approval of course.


STEP 3: preparation

Remember the first step: we also presented the in-depth analysis to our clients. We know the company to which you are applying. Useful! Now we can prepare you for your interview under the best conditions. We will inform you about:

  • the person to whom you will be talking
  • the type of company you will be encountering: values, company culture, departments, organisation chart etc.
  • the type of interview you will undergo: technical tests, personality tests, role play, profiling, etc.

STEP 4: interviews

Rest assured: you are not alone. If the client and the candidate agree to it, we will be present during the interview to help both parties and answer their questions.

STEP 5: Negociations

Rest assured: you are not alone. If the client and the candidate agree to it, we will be present during the interview to help both parties and answer their questions.

STEP 6: placement


You value your independence and you like a varied career. We understand that perfectly. We will help you to establish a contract with which you and our client will be in perfect agreement.


You want to devote yourself 100% to your work. But you expect the same dedication from your employer. Gentis immediately offers a solid basis to your new relationship through a transparent and honest contract that will please both parties.

STEP 7: follow-up

Now that we know each other, why break up? This is not the only reason why we regularly catch up with your news. We want you to continue to feel good about your new job. We offer advice if you have any questions about your new employer. To sum up, we build a long term relationship with you and place your career and personal development at the top of our list of priorities!


We spoil our temps. Our recruiters always do everything necessary to best support and guide their temporary workers during and after their projects. Before a placement, we check that you have all the necessary information to begin your assignment. Among other things, we help you to complete administrative formalities. During the assignment, we will contact you regularly and help you with your billing, your timesheets, your assignment extensions and any other kind of advice you might expect from us. Below you will find some important documentation for your next assignment:

Timesheets Example of an invoice Work as a sub-contractor