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Top 9 Reasons Why You Should Think About a Career in Logistics

Added 04/08/2016 by Sarah Sebti

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Logistics is one of the most important career fields in the world. Without a careful planning and execution of the distribution of resources, the life we know would stop to function and food shortage would appear everywhere leading to plunge the world in chaos.


Each and every one of us is dealing is his day-to-day life with logistics issues. A logistic manager is in charge of bringing in the supplies and raw materials necessary for a company to operate.


If you are thinking about a career change, think of logistics as this sector as much to offer!

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Here are the top 9 reasons why you should consider a career in logistics:


  1. New opportunities are opening in logistics.

Due to the global growth & expansion of the economy, logitstic management has becomes increasingly important. Outsourcing has provided new challenges and new opportunities in logistics. Following the FOREM, logistics represents 6% of the total Belgium employment. That places this sector in the 7th position in terms of employment across all sectors


  1. Advancement opportunities in logistics are plentiful.

Because of the many different positions and levels, opportunities for advancement are always available. Also, the logistics sector tends to promote and train lower-level employees to higher-level positions rather than hire from outside. The hardest working and most innovative individuals can advance quickly as promotions are commonplace.


  1. Logistics training are provided by the Belgian Government

The organs of employment in Belgium are providing lessons for logistic careers. The FOREM, the VDAB and Brussels formation are offering lots of different formations in Supply Chain & Logistics.


  1. You can start your career anywhere

Some careers requires you to be relocated to a specific areas or regions, careers in logistics can begin anywhere. Almost all the companies have a need for logistic worker and managers. However, some location as well known to be logistics hotspots as the port of Antwerp.


  1. There’s a growth of opportunities for women

Logistic careers have traditionally been held by men, but women are being increasingly involved at all levels. Many women have top and high-responsibility positions in logistics.


  1. There are jobs for all education levels

Logistics may seem like a complicated job, but this depends on which part of logistic you focus. Warehouse workers, truck drivers and forklift operators are all part of the logistics team, but they need to be organized and directed by experienced logistics managers & executives.


  1. You can’t be bored in Logistics

The people working in supply chain & logistics are not familiar with the word boredom. The wide variety of work always keeps the job interesting and many companies deal with a wide range of material and goods.


  1. Logistics is a doorway into the field of international business

Lots of people who begin a career in logistic and supply chain discover that they quickly gain enough experience to develop new skills or open new opportunities in international business. Also, this is a great way to learn a second/third/fourth language as you work with people speaking it. The relocation to another country/continent is also a key element in logistics.


  1. People working in logistics develop fraternal relationships

The ones brave enough to start a career in logistic other cite their coworkers as one of its great advantage. As this can be a demanding field, and those working in it develop a high level of pride in their job.


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